Barbie Groom The Room

Barbie Groom The Room
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Barbie wants to go shopping with her best friend Jane who will come to pick her up in ten minutes, but her mother will not let her leave the house until she cleans her room. Help Barbie get her room sparkling as fast as possible. Put all the items in the right spot, like the mouse next to the computer, the flowers in the pot, the books in the drawer, the pillow on the bed, the painting on the bed side table and the glass of water next to the bottle. Use a vacuum cleaner to get all the dust of the ground, a mop to clean up the floor and remove the dirt and use a special broom from the scary spider web on the ceiling. If you need any help seeing what should go where, you can press the hint button and it will show you how the room should look like. Have a great time!
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