Barbie Childish Style

Barbie Childish Style
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Barbie is a real fashionista, but she also has a more childish side. She likes to combine her trendy style with a youthful look. Fashion is all about playing and having fun, so why don’t you try dressing her up by searching in her new wardrobe? For her hairstyle choose a high ponytail, or some braids. You can also go with just simple, natural hair, because childhood is all about being natural. You will find some fun clothes in mostly pastel colors. Some overalls might be fun, a dress with a bow, polka dots, frills or even a Minnie Mouse print. No heels for the shoes, only sneakers or comfortable shoes. You can complete it all with very fun accessories, bags, necklaces, earrings or headbands. You can play around with the layers, choosing which piece of clothing goes on top of the other. Enjoy this childish style and have a blast!
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