Barbie After Injury

Barbie After Injury
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Barbie had an accident and she got herself an injury, which is really unfortunate. But as the great doctor that you are, you should be able to make everything better. First you should disinfect the injured area with a cotton ball dipped in a special solution. Then take a pair of forceps and carefully collect all the little pieces that got in her injured zone. Always wipe the wound with a cotton ball and then one with disinfected on it, to clean the blood and make sure there will not be any complications. Now stitch up the wound with a needle and a thin thread and when you are done place some bandages over it and give it time to heal properly. You can remove the bandages after a week and the scar will completely disappear in five weeks time. For when that happens, you can give Barbie a makeover! Enjoy!
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