Baby Lulu Bathing

Baby Lulu Bathing
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Baby Lulu is taking her very first bath and she needs your help into making it a successful one. Fill her bath tub with water at the right temperature and put a rubber ducky for Baby Lulu to play with. Use a delicate baby shampoo to wash her hair with and rub it well until it makes a lot of foam and then rinse with water. Put a doggy toy in the bath to keep her interested. Wash her body with a special baby shower gel that also makes a lot of bubbles. After you take her out of the bath you should use a hair dryer so she doesn’t catch a cold. Change her diapers with new clean ones and use a moisturizing lotion for her body. Finally Baby Lulu should get ready for bed, so dress her up in a cute and comfortable pajama. Have a wonderful time playing Baby Lulu Bathing!
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