Alps Ski Dress Up

Alps Ski Dress Up
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February is the best month for this young lady to go skiing in her favorite place in the world... on the ski slopes available in the Alps, France. For her European ski session Jessica needs about two weeks to prepare everything in the smallest details from the ski outfits and accessories she's going to take with her to the place where she's going to sleep as she always chooses the ones which offer some of the most exquisite ways to relax in the afternoon. But still, right now her main preoccupation is getting ready as nicely as possible for her very first ski session of the year and a helping hand would definitely help her steal the spotlights right there on the top of the mountain - so are you ready to help her out? Play the 'Alps Ski Dress Up' game, check out the exclusive collection of ski gears especially created for this event, have her try out as many combinations as you want and feel free to pick out your favorites to dress our snow lover up with! Have fun!
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