All Grown Up

All Grown Up
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Just this summer, this lovely girl has renounced her already old wooden ponies in favor of some more advanced, girly- girl things such as trendy two-pieces outfits, fancy dresses, chic sandals and candy-colored jewelries! She spent10 amazing years into her great land of toys but she's all grown up and now it's time for her to let those wooden and plushie friends go and start acting like a pretty little lady! Well, she kept some of them just to decorate her room with and for a couple of years only! But do you think girls it was easy for her to give up her toys, all those best friends, at the very first attempt? No, it wasn't and that's why her mom ordered an entire girly-girl collection of chic, toy printed t-shirts, candy-colored tops, comfy-chic miniskirts, shorts or Capri pants and some lovely, polka dotted, asymmetrical dresses that she can pair up with bow-adorned doll shoes and with a wide selection of jewelries! They are so cute and they come in such a nice variety of colors that no one could ever resist them, not even a grown up girl! These toy inspired fashion items have instantly won her heart and now our cute girl is ready to pun on, her very first girly-girl outfit but she just can't decide which one, so how about you helping her out while playing the 'All Grown Up' dress up game?
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